Dogs In Review June 2010 Table of Contents

June 11, 2010




Dogs in Review June 2010 Cover

June 2010

34 | Remembering Roy Holloway
by Peter Green

66 | Hairless Dogs, Part 2
by Amy Fernandez

76 | Dogs in Review presents the Nominating Committee
for the 2010 Winkies® for Annual Achievement

84 | Dogs in Review Talks to Dee Hutchinson,
Rose Farm Dachshunds
by Hazel J. Kelly

110 | Dogs in Review Presents
The Hound Group Feature  

114 | Quiz: How Well Do You Know Hound Breeds?
by Nikki Riggsbee

116 | Breeder-Judges Breed Priorities: Basenji
by Nikki Riggsbee

120 | Back to Basics: A Breed Standard Comparison
of the Pharaoh and Ibizan Hounds
by Bo Bengtson

140 | The 2009 Top Sires & Dams in the Hound Group 

145 | Profiles of Some of the 2009 Top Sires & Dams
in the Hound Group

151 | Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen Club of America
National Specialty
by Jeffrey G. Pepper

152 | A Spectator-Friendly Hound Classic
by Valerie Stokes

166 | Around the World in 50 Years, Part 7
by Bo Bengtson



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6 | Editor’s Page
by Allan Reznik

10 | Bo Bengtson
At Large:
Judges Ask:
“Has AKC Gone Crazy?”

14 | Success in
Show Dogs:
National Breed
From the
Outside In
by Richard (“Rick”) G. Beauchamp

22 | All My Views:
Hot Weather
Shows and
Delegate Meetings
by Blackie Nygood

26 | Health Matters:
AKC/CHF Breeder
Symposium Highlights
by Debra Eldredge, DVM

30 | O Canada:
From the West
by Dawne Deeley
From the East
by Clive Davies

42 | The British
A Chinese
Crested First
and Pat Trotter
by Simon Parsons

48 | World in
Review: Italy,
San Marino, Israel,
South Africa

174 | Rates
and Deadlines

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