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I thought it might be fun to have a quiz matching a top-producing dog with one of his/her famous offspring. Sounds simple, but it wasn’t. Top producers are usually thought to be those with the most champions. But what about those who produce top producers or big-winning dogs?

So…for each breed named below, match the top producer (whatever the definition) with one of their notable (for different reasons) offspring. Good luck! You might start with the dogs’ names first and match them to breeds. No breed is used twice.

Note: In some cases, parent and offspring share the same kennel prefix. That would be too much of a hint. When that occurred, “***” replaces the kennel name in front of the offspring’s name.

Breeds Top Producer Offspring
A. Airedale Terrier a. Ch. Bang Away of Sirrah Crest 1. Ch. *** Boulevardier
B. Basset Hound b. Ch. Bel S’mbran Bachrach 2. Ch. *** Camma Victoria
C. Beagle c. Ch. Cantlon’s Kamikaze 3. Ch. *** Promise of Attallah
D. Bedlington Terrier d. Ch. Carillon Salsa Serendipity 4. Ch. Abacab Encore’s Grand Finale
E. Boston Terrier e. Ch. Carlee Nubby Silk 5. Ch. Barrage of Quality Hill
F. Boxer f. Ch. Crescent’s The Power of Gold 6. Ch. Calcurt Luke
G. Chihuahua g. Ch. Dotsu’s Further More Trouble 7. Ch. Coventry Naughty By Nature
H. Collie h. Ch. Electra’s the Wind Walker 8. Ch. Filmmaker’s Never Surrender of FM
I. Doberman Pinscher i. Ch. Fantasy’s Bronze Talisman 9. Ch. Gropetti’s Lord Henry of MMRB
J. English Cocker Spaniel j. Ch. Florac King of Scots at Stargus 10. Ch. Harbor’s It Had To Be Me
K. English Setter k. Ch. Halstors Peter Pumpkin 11. Ch. Kaleef’s Genuine Risk
L. German Shepherd Dog l. Ch. Kenobo Capricorn 12. Ch. K-Run’s Park Me in First
M. Havanese m. Ch. Kismet’s Sight For Sore Eyes 13. Ch. Lyon’s Skipjack of Harann
N. Mastiff n. Ch. Los Perritos Wee Pantaloons 14. Ch. Marlex Electra Madness
O. Miniature Pinscher o. Ch. Maneetas Del Zarzoso Fuego Fatuo 15. Ch. Overland Summer Storm
P. Norfolk Terrier p. Ch. Morningwood Ulysses S Grant 16. Ch. Ranzfel Newsflash
Q. Pembroke Welsh Corgi q. Ch. Nanfan Culver 17. Ch. Royal Tudor’s Wild As the Wind
R. Poodle r. Ch. Ouachitah Beau Chiene 18. Ch. Stagedoor Rock It Man
S. Rhodesian Ridgeback s. Ch. Penlee’s Cutter UD 19. Ch. Starship’s Essence of Dotsu
T. Saluki t. Ch. Semper Fi Gropetti Gargoyle 20. Ch. Stonehill Go Round
U. Schipperke u. Ch. Tallyrand No Greater Love 21. Ch. Terrydale La Femme Nikita
V. Shetland Sheepdog v. Ch. Top Shelf Crackerjack 22. Ch. The Duke of Copperplate
W. Smooth Fox Terrier w. Ch. Ttarb The Brat 23. Ch. TooFox Tasmanian Devil
X. Vizsla x. Ch. Windkist A Walk In The Park 24. Ch. TyAva’s Sure Shot
Y. Yorkshire Terrier y. Ch. Wyndswept’s Reflection 25. Ch. Whisperwind Sky Dancer

Quiz answers: A-j-21; B-p-2; C-x-12; D-d-1; E-v-4; F-a-5; G-r-20; H-i-15; I-h-17; J-l-16; K-y-18; L-m-11; M-n-10; N-t-9; O-e-14; P-q-22; Q-u-7; R-o-25; S-f-8; T-b-3; U-g-19; V-k-6; W-w-23; X-s-13; Y-c-24



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Marcha   Battle Creek, Michigan

11/12/2015 8:59:51 AM

Not a fan of "Top Producing Dogs" if a dog produces 200 offspring and five are champions... what does that prove? Nothing. Just like a Top Producing kennel. If you have 600 puppies and 50 go on to be champions... I think that is just odds. Should be based on averages, not numbers. Based on how this recognition is determined it encourages poor breeding practices and the overuse of stud dogs.

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