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Pioneering a Rare Breed

What motivates fanciers to embark on this journey?

Variations in Breed Type

At what point do "styles” become so diverged that they should be considered breeds?

Editor's Page: The Heart and Soul of the Sport

Whether working to preserve an ancient breed new to our shores or maintain quality in a well-established breed, great breeders deserve our respect and admiration.

A Skye Terrier Homecoming

This summer the United Kingdom's Skye Terrier Club unveiled a life-sized statue of two Skye Terriers on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Getting Media Coverage for Your Dog Show

The AKC releases tips that will help dog clubs get local TV coverage of upcoming dog shows.


Back to Basics: A Comparison of the Scottish Terrier and Sealyham Terrier

When viewing both of these wonderful breeds, balance and type are essential elements. Both of these terriers are keen, alert, outgoing and enjoy ownership of the ring.

Editor's Page: The Lasting Value of Tradition

If anyone in our fancy is steeped in tradition, it is the Terrier community, the group we celebrate and honor in this issue.

The History of Mrs. Dodge's Morris & Essex Kennel Club Dog Show

Quotes from past Kennel Review and Dogs in Review magazines illuminate the rich history of the Morris & Essex Kennel Club dog show.

Health Matters: Helpful Herbs On the Go

Many herbs and plants provide healthy ways to help care for our dogs.


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