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Editor's Page: Finland, Rescue and Clubs

Welcome to our International Issue! Although we pride ourselves on presenting global coverage of our sport each and every month, it is a great pleasure to explore one country in depth.

SOS: Save Our Shows

Why AKC all-breed shows are not flourishing as they ought to and what needs to be done about it.

Editor's Page: Reflections and Resolutions

To take the pulse of the sport, Dogs in Review invited many dozens of judges, breeders and exhibitors to share their highlights of 2014 and their hopes for the new year.

Behind the Scenes at a Dog Show

Too few participants know what it takes to put on a dog show.


Professional Handling: From Apprentice to Legacy

Learn what it takes to graduate to the rank of true professional handler.

Talking to the Professional Handlers

Over the years I have had the pleasure of interviewing a lot of the most influential people in the dog world for Dogs in Review, including professional handlers Robert and Jane Forsyth.

Judging the Dog on the Day

The structure of a dog does not change from one show to the other, which is why it is hard to understand the merit of the phrase "judging the dog on the day."

Talking to Bill & Taffe McFadden: Part 1

Dogs in Review’s founding editors Bo Bengtson and Paul Lepiane talked to Bill and Taffe during the Del Valle weekend in Northern California on October 18, 2013.


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