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Editor's Page: New York State of Mind

Welcome to our Westminster Issue!

Building Your Dog Show's Entry

All-breed clubs looking to increase entries need look no further than forming a relationship with local breed clubs. Yes it’s extra work but well worth the effort.

Dog Show Volunteer Organization Chart

Make your next show more efficient with Betty-Anne Stenmark’s volunteer organization chart.

What Performance Events Can Teach Us

All work and no play is not a recipe for dog show success.

Looking at Dog Shows Through an Outsider's Eyes

Experiencing our sport through the eyes of a "baby exhibitor” has more value than just reenergizing the juices of old-timers.


Looking at Dogs in a Positive Light When Judging

Positive and clearly explained judging can only be good for both judges and breeders, and for our breeds as well.

Putting a Judging Panel Together for Dog Shows

I am often asked how I go about assigning breeds for our dog show's judges, so here it is, step by step.

Editor's Page: The Care and Feeding of a Club

May your club thrive in 2015!

Rebecca Cross Accused of Mishandling Crufts Winner

Crufts handler vilified and supported online in the wake of what some are calling "Tailgate."


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