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Giving Back: Superhero AmStaff Serves With an Aloha Spirit

AmStaff Pilialoha Joy Gomes THD, CGC, CGCA, is more than just a certified therapy dog and celebrated breed ambassador in her Honolulu community.

Old School: Reviving Breeder Education

Qualified mentors in individual breeds grows smaller as the need for education grows larger.

Giving Back: Sequoia KC Stands Tall Among Small Clubs

A shining example of how even a small dog club can give back in a big way.

Handler/Breeder-Owners Are in a League of Their Own

These fanciers demonstrate great mastery not just in the ring but also in breeding programs.

Between the Lines: Where Is the Next Generation?

Who will care enough about dog breeding, lineage and breed history to carry the world of purebred dogs into the future?


Reading Pedigrees Loud & Clear

Pedigrees are a tapestry that defines the dog before you.

A Problem Too Big to Ignore

The increasing number of dog shows leads to tensions, questions and a need for important discussions.

Editor's Page: Paying Homage to Breeders

Breeders often work behind the scenes in our sport, but they are responsible for bringing about unforgettable, living works of art.

Raising Puppies to Reach Their Full Potential

Nature or nurture? Raising puppies to be all that they can be.


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