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Grooming & Presentation Trends Over the Decades: The Hound Group

In the 40 years that I have been observing, exhibiting in and judging the Hound Group, the primary change I've witnessed has been the presentation and overall handling of the dogs.

Movement: Very Much a Part of Type

When I set out to define "breed type" — the two most frequently spoken words in the dog person's lexicon — I found myself looking back at the great dogs I had seen through the years, as well as poring over the pages of dog show history.

Are Our Nationals Still Special?

Specialties are "special" by definition, or at least they ought to be, and the national ones ought to be the most special of all.

You Said It: When Did "Professional" Become a Dirty Word?

If someone called you a professional dog breeder, would you feel insulted or honored? Would you feel that it was an accusation or a compliment?

Editor's Page: A Bountiful Hound Issue

Welcome to our annual celebration of the Hound Group, representing breeds rich in history and diversity and supported by the fanciers who have dedicated their lives to them.


Editor's Page: "The Today Show" Fiasco

This is the week in which the American Kennel Club was dealt a very public and low blow on NBC's "The Today Show" from which we are all still trying to recover.

Grooming & Presentation Trends Over the Decades: The Toy and Non-Sporting Groups

Almost from the start the grooming process in Poodles and all of the Toy and Non-Sporting breeds — particularly those with hair — has had an almost never-ending evolution of sophistication.

From My Perspective: Behind the Curtain of Oz

For exhibitors to better understand what lies behind the judge's magical curtain, so to speak, it would benefit everyone to unveil some of the mystery behind the scenes.

Life Before & After Westminster: An Interview with Ernesto Lara

During a recent visit to Greenfield Kennels in Bowmansville, Pa., Karen Steinrock sat down with Ernesto Lara to discuss his ascent to dog show stardom in America.


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