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American Foxhound 'Jewel' Awarded BIS at National Dog Show 2013

At the 2013 National Dog Show, which aired on Thanksgiving Day, American Foxhound Ch. Kiarry's Pandora's Box ('Jewel') took Best in Show, winning over more than 1,500 dogs.

The Mexican Kennel Club and Mexican Dog Shows

The Federación Canófila Mexicana is the Mexican Kennel Club, which is an FCI-affiliated club that runs dog shows differently than the AKC.

Judging Dogs in Mexico

When compared to AKC and CKC dog shows, there are some fundamental differences in the organization of Mexican shows and the achievement of a Mexican championship.

Three Small Shows with the Wow Factor

Small dog shows at three locations, Medellín, Colombia; Beijing, China; and Kaneohe (just outside of Honolulu), Hawaii, offered a unique experience, and the clubs were delighted with their less-than-300 entry.


Introducing the Berger Picard

New to the AKC world, but an ancient breed, is the Berger Picard — a charming, rustic herding and general-purpose farm dog from northern France.

The First International Congress of the Portuguese Water Dog

The First International Congress of the Portuguese Water Dog convened at Tavira, Portugal, from September 26-30, 2013, with the theme of "One Breed — One Dog."

Comments from the Winkies® Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee for the 2013 Winkies for Annual Achievement announces the reasons for nominating this year's nominees.

Editor's Page: Going Global

American shows, dogs, breeders, handlers and judges are so well known internationally that there is a tendency to sometimes forget there are great dogs and talented breeders beyond our shores.

All-Breed and Group Conformation Dog Shows in February 2014

Find an AKC all-breed or group conformation dog show to attend in February 2014.


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