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6 | Around the World With 21 Breeds
Join us for a look at a selection of breeds from all across the country.
By Eve Adamson

46 | AKC-UKC Breed Chart

56 | Call of the Wild
Meet the native canids of North America.
By Kim Campbell Thornton

68 | A Training Center for Search-and-Rescue Dogs
A new facility being built in California aims to certify enough search dogs to be prepared when disaster strikes.
By Darren Warner

78 | Dog Heroes of Sept. 11
A tribute to America's search-and-rescue dogs.
By Nona Kilgore Bauer

88 | Heart Healers
The Prison Pet Partnership Program gives inmates and shelter dogs second chances.
By Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

96 | Temporary Puppy*
Raising a future service puppy is bittersweet but rewarding. More>>
By Debbie Swanson

104 | A Nose for Luxury
In North America, dogs are sniffing out gourmet truffles.
By Tom Barthel

112 | Is Your Dog Bored?
Pump up your dog's exercise and training to combat the home-alone-all-day blues.
By Penelope Milne

 118 | On the Job
Take your dog to work and make it work.
By Susan McCullough

124 | Getting a Leg Up
Permanent prosthesis technology helps dogs with missing limbs spring back into action.
By Diana R. Laverdure

132 | He Ate What?
What to do when your dog swallows something he shouldn't.
By Anna O'Brien D.V.M.

140 | Buckle Up Your Pup
When hitting the open road, make sure your precious canine cargo is safe and secure.
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

146 | Suites for the Sweet
A Texas humane society offers innovative care and training for shelter dogs.
By Meredith Wargo

140 | Marley Versus Lassie
How Hollywood has confused us about dogs.
By Diana Kerew-Shaw

140 | Stay Out of Their Way
Therapy dogs must have the right temperaments for the work.
By David Frei

166 | 2011 Photo Contest Winners


174 | Great Gear
New products for your pooch. 

182 | Dog Lover’s Yellow Pages
If you want more information about activities, health, or nutrition, let your fingers do the walking.

189 | Directory of Breeders

235 | Dogs USA Champions

236 | Gallery of Breeds

285 | Breeder Index

288 | End Note

*Read an online excerpt of Temporary Puppies More>>


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