Meet the Breed: Poetry in Motion

A rocket on the chase and a couch potato at home, the Greyhound offers the best of both worlds.


."A masterpiece of design” is how Maureen Lucas of Bahama, N.C., describes the Greyhound. "The [breed’s] architecture is so good, the symmetry is so correct,” says Lucas, a breeder who has owned Greyhounds for more than 30 years and presented seminars for the American Kennel Club Judges Institute on the breed. "It’s not a new breed that still requires tweaks here and there. It’s crucial to honor the breed and its incredible history by continuing to breed the dog the way it has looked for centuries.”

Ancient history
Well-known throughout the world as the fastest dog breed, the sleek and streamlined Greyhound is also one of the most ancient. Carvings on Egyptian tombs dating back almost 5,000 years show smooth-coated sighthounds that bear a striking resemblance to Greyhounds, Salukis and Sloughis hunting deer and mountain goats.

The Egyptian Pharaohs revered Greyhounds for their speed and elegance. Only nobility could own them. The birth of a smooth-haired sighthound puppy was celebrated, and its death was mourned. The Pharaohs frequently had dogs mummified and placed next to them in the tombs of the pyramids, as well as in the walls that displayed carvings of the dogs.

The Greyhound has changed little in appearance over thousands of years, and has been illustrated throughout the centuries in many countries on vases and tapestries and in paintings.



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Steve   Seattle, Washington

9/28/2012 6:22:13 PM

These dogs make the most wonderful pets. They are family friendly, love children and their walks. Of course they have to have their 18 plus hours of sleep per day. You will never be sorry if you give one a home!! companions a home!!

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Cindy   Shelbyville, TN

2/25/2010 8:34:43 PM

As a retired racing Greyhound owner I am glad to see that people are realizing what a wonderful hound they are!! I couldnt imagine my life without them!! Thank you for the Article!!

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