Paws in Review

by Amy Fernandez


King of Toys
By Patricia F. Lehman
Breed-specific reference

Pat Lehman has packed everything about the Miniature Pinscher into 300 pages. The end result is a feast of breed history, arcane facts, data and trivia that will satisfy any devotee. In the process, Lehman does not overlook new fanciers. “No breed can survive, let alone flourish, without the involvement of new, dedicated enthusiasts. To maintain the quality of today’s dogs and guard against future deterioration in soundness or temperament, fanciers must continue to carry the torch of quality.”

The book is an unparalleled resource for novice and prospective owners. Serious exhibitors will be equally pleased with the book’s detailed presentation of the Miniature Pinscher’s accomplishments in activities, such as tracking, agility and obedience.

The book focuses on the Min Pin’s future. Its strongest chapters dive into every aspect of breeding, whelping, health care and puppy evaluation. Lehman defuses myths and misconceptions, replacing them with balanced information that doesn’t sidestep hot-button Min Pin issues, such as gait and ear cropping. Her detailed instructions on the mechanical and aesthetic aspects of cropping and posting ears are followed by a discussion of selective-breeding strategies to produce naturally erect ears and short tails.

Although the chapters could have been laid out more logically, this inconvenience is minimized by the comprehensive index, glossary and appendices.
Anyone interested in Toys, Pinschers or Schnauzers (dogs that share a common heritage) will consider this book a valuable addition to their reference library.

$49.95; PFL Publications;


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