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A Fun Adventure

Jackie and JagerReading this issue’s article about geocaching inspired me to go on a treasure hunt last weekend. I looked down at my Miniature Poodle, Jäger, and asked if he was up for something different than our normal walk. He wagged his tail, so it was decided.

I signed up for an account on, and a quick search showed a number of caches hidden just steps from my home. Who would have guessed? I leashed up the dog and we left the house, walking toward the first cache less than a quarter of a mile away.

After a quick hike up a dirt trail, I knew we were close to the first cache, but I couldn’t find it. I must have been a sight as I walked around in circles, holding the GPS unit out in front of me like a peace offering. Good thing the trail was deserted that day. After searching under every piece of brush on the ground, I looked at Jäger, hoping he’d use his nose to sniff the darn thing out, but he was more interested in smelling – and peeing on – coyote poop.

I was about to give up. As I stood there thinking about my next step, I finally saw a tiny plastic container tied to the branches of a small tree. I let out a whoop and did a little victory dance. Unfortunately, the log book inside the cache was waterlogged, so I couldn’t sign it with my geocaching name and the date.

Fueled by the unexpected excitement of finding my first cache, I decided to look for another. A 10-minute uphill hike led us to the next hiding spot. To access this one, we had to leave the trail and cross a small drainage ditch. We made our way over to a large bush where I discovered a huge cache container tucked away deep within the branches. I gingerly extricated the metal box and opened it up. Jackpot! This one was filled with fun trinkets and a log book safely encased in waterproof plastic. As I signed the log book I noticed I was the first person to find this particular cache in 2012.

My first geocaching adventure with my trusty geohound was more fun that I expected. It definitely added extra interest to our walk and finding each cache was a thrill. To learn how to get started geocaching with your dog, read “X Marks the Spot” on page 38.

Happy hunting!

GeocacheJager and Geocache


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