Training and Behavior

In the Public Eye: Train your dog to be a model canine in three common situations.


Although dogs are known as the best friends of the animal kingdom, some people don’t like dogs, and some dogs don’t enjoy the company of other dogs. Use these etiquette guidelines to make sure you and your canine companion make a positive impression in any social situation.

1 Meeting another dog  
Don’t allow your dog to rush up to another dog while on a walk, in a vet’s office or during a training class. Your dog might be friendly, but other dogs can be aggressive or fearful, and allowing your dog to enter the other dog’s space could result in an altercation. At the vet’s office, your dog might contribute to the other patient’s stress by approaching it, and your dog could be exposed to a contagious disease. Even if the other dog seems eager to meet yours, some people try to keep their dog’s attention and teach them self-control around other dogs, and they wouldn’t appreciate your dog’s interference.

Do keep your dog at your side in heel position and focused on you. Ask the other handler if your dogs can meet. This gives the owner the opportunity to tell you if she is training or has a fearful or aggressive dog. If she agrees to let the dogs meet, keep your dog on leash and be prepared to recall it if either dog seems uncomfortable.



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