Vick’s Rescued Pit Bulls – Where Are They Now?

While former NFL starting quarterback Michael Vick was on trial for felony dogfighting in late 2007, his confiscated pit bulls (deemed dangerous by some people) faced near-certain execution. Thanks to the tireless efforts of dog-loving volunteers and activists, most of these former fighting dogs are now living happy lives with their new families, and are giving back to the communities that helped saved them.


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tilynn   dayton, OH

3/29/2010 2:47:17 PM

those dogs are very happy now and they should be wat he did was wrong now cause of him and many more pits are now not wanted from alot of people but me and those people in the photo will give them another chance cause they dont want to hurt us its just how they came up i know those pits were saying why us why do we have to fight they want to be loved to just like every other dogs they want to be kissed and walked and called a good boy in a good way a treated like they want to thank you for giving the time to see wat people feel about those pits and i hope you share this with vick and many others cause they hurt alot of people including those pits.

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leah   spring hill, FL

9/27/2009 11:12:21 AM

As a animal lover it brings me joy to know Vick's beautiful dogs have new loving owners. They all deserve a second chance to love and be loved by others. Thank you Lord. However, unless Vick is "truly remorseful" I don't think he could be a loving responsible pet owner. Second chances should be given to individuals truly sorry and wanting to make a difference in this world. So many animals suffer animal cruelty and many don't get second chances!

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Kim   Cincinnati, OH

6/22/2009 8:16:15 AM

This picture of Jonny and this young boy brings tears to my eyes. Knowing what kind of life Jonny once had and now seeing Jonny bringing joy to someone's life is about as good as it gets.

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