Breeder's Notebook

Breeding for pleasure and profit


Dog magazinesThe first thing you learn when you start breeding dogs is that you can't make money in dogs. In fact, one way puppy buys are told to discriminate good breeders from bad is that good breeders lose money with every litter. But why? These days more and more reputable breeders are questioning this idea -- and daring to do the unthinkable: make money in dogs.

Dog breeding is supposed to be a labor of love. Bud don't forget the "labor" part. It's hard work. Although many hobbies inolve hard work without financial compensation, dog breeding is different from scrapbooking or kayaking in one important way: dog breeders provide a product, a dog, that can bring happiness to a purchaser for many years. That products, in fact, often becomes the single most important part of that purchaser's life. It stands to reason that a breeder who could provide a dog wthat had a good chance of living a longer, healthier life, or of being a superior companion, should be compensated for producing such a dog.


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