Dog World Table of Contents - August 2007

August 2, 2007




Dog World August 2007

August 2007

18 | Meet the Breed: The Bulldog
Docile and instantly recognizable, today's Bulldog is a mellow fellow well-suited to young and old. More>>
by Kim Campbell Thornton

38 | Holistically Speaking
Map your dog's journey to natural health. More>>
by Liz Palika

42 | Flyball Fever!
This frenetic canine relay sport is off and running.
by Kim Campbell Thornton

46 | Rare Breed Spotlight: The Berger Picard

| Canine Calling
Practical self-analysis and an understanding of the market are the first steps toward career bliss. More>>
by Alice Bixler

30 | Combining Business and Pleasure
A sampling of seven professions for those lucky enough to build careers in Dogdom.
by Jan Mahood

34 | Doggone Resourceful
Enthusiasts find niche markets to offer specialized products and services. More>>
by Stephanie Horan


4 | From the Editor
Time for a change? More>>
by Allan Reznik

6 | Dateline
Agility champs crowned; outstanding sportsmen honored; Lassie's Pet Vet!; art auction at Christie's.

8 | Breeder's Notebook
Breeding for pleasure and profit More>>
by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

10 | The Doctor Is In
Prices, protocol and the patient
by T.J. Dunn Jr., DVM

12 | Showstoppers
George Alston's winning edge
by Sue LeMieux

14 | About Agility
Music to her ears More>>
by Terry Long

16 | Judge's Perspective
"The matrix" of breed characteristics
by Sharon Sakson

48 | Paws in Review
Books for the dog enthusiast

49 | Good Buy
New products More>>

50 | Meet & Compete
Canine event listings

58 | The Dog Shoppe
Canine products and services

61 | Breeder Finder Index
Locate a breeder

106 | Classified Ads
Everything canine

111 | At Your Service
A guide to our advertisers

112 | The Way We Were

Top Products