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Intense Tents
If you find traditional dog crates cumbersome, consider the Mighty Mite Super Set Up Dog Tent. Field tested on real show and performance dogs, the nylon and mesh tent weighs less than 4 pounds, and can be assembled in 10 seconds, according to the manufacturer. Available in three sizes, the easy-to-store tent features a curved roof for more head room and side pockets to hold show or performance gear.
$55 to $65; Mighty Mite Dog Gear;

Roll With It
Rover may not appreciate the fancy look of Pet Botanics Omega Treats as much as you will, but your dog will definitely reap the rewards of this treat supplement. Shaped like rolls of sushi, the flavored treat features fish as its main ingredient, and is loaded with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The treats are made with eight natural ingredients, and contain no fillers or by-products, according to the manufacturer.
$4.99 (3-ounce bag); Pet Botanics; 800-433-PETS;

Nice Chompers!
Have your pooch’s pearly whites lost their sheen? Sorbay Pet Oral Care Mist, or SorbayPOC, offers an all-natural remedy to remove tarter, and eliminate dog and cat breath. Just wipe or spray the product in your dog’s mouth to prevent tooth decay and bad breath. Find SorbayPOC at your local veterinary office and ask your vet how to properly and safely use the spray.
$30 (2-ounce bottle); Sorbay Technology;

Out With the Old
Does your senior dog need to retire his favorite bone or toy? According to Planet Dog, weakened muscles and joints call for a softer toy that won’t stress your older dog’s aging body. Planet Dog’s soft, pliable and stretchy balls, bones and squeak buddies made of Old Soul Orbee-Tuff material are specially designed for senior dogs, and have a natural, mint-oil scent.
$5.95 to 13.95; Planet Dog; 800-381-1516;

Access Pass
Doggie doors that let your dog come and go as he pleases are great. Doors that let rain, dirt, wild animals or neighbors’ pets enter your home aren’t. Keep unwanted visitors out with Plexidor Pet Doors, a new breed of dog door. Clip a collar key, which works like a garage-door opener, to your dog’s collar. When your dog approaches the pet door, it reads the collar key and opens. One door can accept multiple keys.
$129 to $800; Plexidor; 800-749-9609;

No-Bug Zone

No one wants to worry about itchy, irritating insect bites when enjoying the great outdoors. Protect you and your dog this summer with the Thermacell Mini Lantern. According to the manufacturer, the 41/2-inch-tall device creates a 15-by-15-foot area of protection, repelling 98 percent of all biting insects, especially mosquitoes. Simply push a button, sit back and relax.
$9.99; ThermaCell; 866-753-3837;


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