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Tough Stuff
For dogs that love to wear and tear their favorite chew toys, Triple Crown offers two new products: the Everlasting Fire Plug and the Everlasting Beanie Ball. Both products are made of soft, yet tear-resistant material and can hold up to the most enthusiastic chewers, Triple Crown claims. Fill the toys with treats or freeze tehm for a hot-weather delight. Both products are dishwasher safe.
Triple Crown; $12.99-$24.99 (Fire Plug), $11.99-$19.99 (Beanie Ball); (512) 759-2275;

Put a Cork In It
This holiday season, identify your favorite white or red wine with customized labels, brought to you by the Dog Lovers Wind Club. Send in a picture of your canine companion and receive original wine labels featuring an artistically rendered image fo your dog. Within three to five weeks, you can delight friends, family and cherished ones with this unique touch.
Dog Lover Wine Club; prices vary; (877) 919-WINE;

A Bed for All Seasons
Whether you're enjoying a sizzling Indian summer or a crisp, cold winder, you can provide your dog comfort with Dolce Vita's DupTemp Pet Bed. The low-voltage, cool- and warm-air therapy system creates a comfortable place for your dog to rest, according to the company. The stain- and scratch-resistant bed sports a machine washable cover for easy cleaning.
Dolce Vita; $249.99; (866) 924-8665;

Easy Does It
When thunder claps, vets threaten and fireworks go kaboom, Nature's Guardian Content-Eze offers comfort to skittish dogs. The nutritional supplements, manufactured by Sergeant's Pet Care Products, contain amino acids and vitamins taht help calm pets naturally and are safe for use on a longterm basis.
Seargent's Pet Care Products;

Natural Shampoo
Soothe your dog's itchy, sensitive skin with Quadruped's natural Medicated Tearless Shampoo. The Mojave yucca's natural antibacterial and antifungal properties aid in treating most skin problems such as dermatitis and seborrhea, and the mint scent deoderizes the dog's skin and coat, claims Quadruped.
Quadruped; $10.50 (16 oz.), $41.25 (1 gal.); (631) 218-0269;

Get the Gel
Pet owners who are wary of side effects that can accompany anesthetizing their dogs for teeth cleaning can look to Petzlife Oral Care Gel. The manufacturer states that applying the gel -- said to be 100 percent natural and safe -- once or twice daily removes plaque and tartar, kills bacteria, and freshens breath.
Petzlife Products, Inc.; $24.95; (888) 453-4682;


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