Panic Stricken

Rescued dogs are often prone to separation anxiety. How can you mend the matter?


Maybe it wasn't love at first sight, but it didn't take Dawn Goetz long to fall.

Her Boxer, Jezabelle, "probably wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I wanted a Boxer and she was young enough, so I went ahead and adopted her." Goetz says. Three days after she met the 1-year-old dog at the Irvien Animal Care Center, a rescue facility, Goetz took Jezabelle home.

"Right away, there were problems," she says. The biggest? Anytime anything new happened -- if a new person visited, for example -- Jezabelle would urinate, defecate or vomit. Or all three.

It soon became obvious that Jezabelle's gastrointestinal issues, although a problem, were only part of the trouble. They were a symptom of the dog's generalized anxiety that evolved into separation anxiety.

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