Choose Your Own Dog-Sled Adventure

Add some excitement to your vacation with dog-sledding expeditions.


“Dog sledding attracts many different types of people, from dog lovers to nature lovers to adrenaline junkies who love to go 27 miles per hour down a trail and through trees with 12 race Huskies,” says Dan Phillips of True North Expeditions in Moyie Springs, Idaho.

Sledding trips come in many lengths, styles and intensities, from single-day rides to full-out mushing for days at a time. Turn your paw-powered vacation into a true adventure by seeking out multiple-day trips, where you stay at different locations every night, or even sleep under the stars.

“It’s a magical moment to be camping out when the dogs howl at the moon, while the Northern lights dance above,” says Miriam Körner of Paws ‘N’ Paddles Wilderness Tours in Air Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Think you might want to check it out? The following sled-dog tour groups all offer unique trips ranging from a couple of hours to multiple-day expeditions.

Follow Canadian trade routes
“We love being out in the pristine wilderness and traveling off the beaten path,” says Körner, who co-owns Paws ‘N’ Paddles with Quincy Miller. “There’s no better company than our Alaskan Huskies, with their happy personalities and wagging tails.”

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