2011 Dog World Editors' Choice

Congratulations to the Dog World Editors’ Choice winners! Our second annual contest attracted a variety of clever, useful and whimsical dog products. After much testing and evaluation, we chose our favorites. We invite you peruse these products chosen for their innovation, function, design, and benefit to active dogs and their owners.

Fruitables Crunchy Dog Treats (Sweet Potato and Pecan) from Vetscience
Sweeten the deal for your dog during training sessions with these healthy, low-calorie, aromatic treats. They’re made and sourced in the United States, and contain natural, healthy ingredients, including sweet potatoes, oatmeal, pecans and cinnamon. Each treat contains less than 9 calories. $4.99 (7-ounces); 214-800-2321; www.fruitablespetfood.com

"The flower-shaped design makes it easy to break each treat into four or more tiny pieces so I can reward my dog many times with just one treat.”
– Jackie Brown

FitPAWS PawPods from Ball Dynamics
These nifty, nubby training tools are designed to improve balance and core strength in performance dogs. Teach your dog to place one paw on each pod (starting with just one paw and working your way up to all four), and switch up the difficulty level by using the pods flat side down (easiest) or dome side down (hardest). FitPAWS Paw Pods are excellent for teaching proper stacking to conformation dogs. $29.95 (set of four); 800-752-2255; www.balldynamics.com

2 in 1 Ruff Roller Lint Remover from Bissell
Like peanut butter and jelly, this roller is a combination of two products that work better together. The lint remover and lint brush effectively remove the most stubborn pet hair, especially long hair. The red fabric side pulls out embedded pet hair and the sticky tape picks up hair, lint and dust. Each Ruff Roller comes with a 90-sheet roll of sticky sheets. Refills are sold separately. $5.99; 800-237-7691; www.bissell.com

"It actually pulled out hairs from my couch that I couldn’t have plucked out one by one.”
– Sam Goldstein

Distinctive Dog Treats from Distinctive Dog
These handmade treats contain no corn, wheat, soy or artificial preservatives, and come in familiar, comfort-food flavors that reflect their wholesome, natural ingredients. Choose from Chicken Pot Pie, Sweet Potato Carrot Cake, Peanut Banana Bread and Pawberry Cobbler. $7.99 (12 ounces); 360-618-1781; www.distinctivedog.com

"Harley went nuts for these and kept coming back (and dancing) for more.”
– Reina Kutner

Rain Collar and Rain Bandanna from Quaker Pet Group
If you live by the scout’s motto “Be prepared,” you’ll appreciate the wearable Rain Collar and Rain Bandanna. Hidden inside each pouch is a lightweight raincoat to keep your dog dry during unexpected rain showers. Available in four sizes (small, medium, large and extra large). $12.99; 303-623-3327; www.quakerpet.com



Booda Floatimals from Petmate
Water retrievers will rejoice when they get their paws on one of these toys. Made of durable neoprene fabric, the toys float, have a squeaker inside and come in a variety of different animal shapes, including the Helicopter Bee, pictured above. Available in two sizes (small and large). $4.99 to $7.49; www.petmate.com


Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Plush Toys from Quaker Pet Group
Dogs love their squeaky toys, but most owners could do without the incessant racket. These toys feature squeakers that produce sound at a frequency dogs can hear, but people cannot. During product testing, some dogs had no reaction to the “squeak,” but others went absolutely wild. $9.99 to $12.99; 303-623-3327; www.quakerpet.com



Fur Get It Pet Hair Sweeper from Bissell
The durable, reusable handheld sweeper has a fabric roller that removes pet hair from furniture and carpets and deposits it into a reservoir. Simply push a button to empty the contents into the trash. $8.99; 800-237-7691; www.bissell.com

"The Pet Hair Sweeper effectively grabbed pet hair (as well as my own hair) off the couch and my dog’s bed.”
– Tiffany Lin


 Také 3-Step Pet Stool from Richell USA
This modern and attractive pet stool will compliment your décor while helping your dog reach the couch or bed. Made of sustainable bamboo (také is Japanese for “bamboo”), the stool is easy to assemble and lightweight, and has rubber feet to protect floors and prevent slipping. Recommended for small to medium-sized dogs (8 to 44 pounds). $110; 972-641-9495; www.richellusa.com


The Air Harness from Spiffy Dog Pet Products
Made with a breathable mesh (like the kind used in running shoes), this harness is lightweight and comfortable, and does not restrict the dog’s movement. It also dries quickly, a plus for water-loving dogs. The harnesses come in four attractive designs. $34.99 to $44.99; 970-870-6164; www.spiffydog.com



Clean Response Swivel Bin and Rake from Petmate
Useful for multi-dog households, kennels, shelters and boarding facilities, this lightweight scooper set makes picking up poop a little easier. The bin is designed to hold a plastic grocery bag so you can promptly remove and dispose of the mess, leaving the inside of the bin clean. The bin and rake break down for easy storage or travel to shows and events. $34.99; www.petmate.com


Summer Reinforced Energy Shoes from Neo-Paws International
Designed for active dogs, these shoes are perfect for summer hikes or walks on hot pavement, and also provide stability on slippery surfaces like ceramic and hardwood floors. The durable, non-slip, non-marking soles are combined with mesh uppers and air pockets for added breathability and comfort. Available in five sizes (small, medium, large, extra large and XXL). $32 to $38; 888-364-7463; www.neopaws.com



FUR Dry from FURminator
Instead of using a loud and labor-intensive blow-dryer, try wrapping up your soggy dog in the FUR Dry after a bath. The microfiber material wicks water away from the coat, keeps your dog warm, cuts down on drying time, and keeps your furniture and carpet dry. Plus, some dogs just enjoy being snugly swaddled. $24.95 to $49.95; 888-283-1620; www.furminator.com

"FUR Dry made drying my dog after a bath significantly more efficient and less labor-intensive.”
– Tiffany Lin


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