Dog World December 2011

December 2011

24 | 2011 Editors' Choice Award Winners
13 new and innovative products, including training equipment, treats, grooming aids and more. More>>

28 | Holiday Gift Guide
Wow your friends and family with these dog-themed gifts.

30 | Meet the Breed
Follow that Nose: Armed with an unparalleled scenting ability, the iconic Bloodhound excels in tracking, mantrailing and drooling on loved ones. More>>
By Stephanie Horan

36 | Earth Dogs
Terriers take on the dirty frenzied job of dispatching critters to help working farms and ranches. More>>
By Darren Warner

40 | Across the Pond
Why and how breeders and owners import dogs.
By Kim Campbell Thornton

46 | The Future of the AKC
How the nation's largest purebred dog registry responds to declining registrations and controvery inside and outside the fancy.
By Dan Sayers

52 | Rare Breed Spotlight
Tiny Toy Wonder: Few can resist the Japanese Terrier's endearing expression and patent terrier verve.
By Alice Bixler



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4 | From the Reader
Picture Perfect More>>
By Jackie Brown

6 | Inbox

7 | Reader Photos

8 | First Things First

10 | Canine News

15 | Advice from the Natural Vet
Bright and Beautiful: Holistic ways to care for your dog's teeth and gums.
By Deva Khalsa, V.M.D.

16 | Conformation Corner
Learn the Ropes: Take advantage of local all-breed clubs and the services they offer.
By Jeffrey G. Pepper

18 | In the Community
Saving the Satos: Rescue organization Pets Alice Puerto Rico helps save and rehome dogs from dreaded Dead Dog Beach.
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

20 | Training and Behavior
Best Travel Tips: Make your holiday journey easier with this simple advice.
By M. Christine Zink, D.V.M., Ph.D.

22 | Breeder's Notebook
Hypoallergenic Dogs: Real of Myth? Recent studies shed light on the controversial and ubiquitous topic of allergy-friendly dogs. More>>
By D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

55 | Dog Shop

56 | Breeder Finder Index

70 | Classified Ads

71 | Advertiser Index

72 | My Story
Calm After the Storm: A gentle Tibbie brings smiles everywhere from the show ring to nursing homes. More>>

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