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Holistic solutions for a Pomeranian experiencing leg discomfort.


Q: Parfait, my little Pomeranian, has problems with her right knee, occasionally holding up her hind leg. Although I no longer let her jump up and down from a window-side bench, the problems still comes and goes. My vet says she has a luxating kneecap.
– Myra M.

A: Try two homeopathic remedies, both available at health-food stores: Gelsemium 6c and Ruta graveolens 6c. These remedies work great with tiny dogs with luxating patellas. Ruta is great for knee problems, including ligament injuries.

Give Parfait one pellet of each to melt in her mouth two times a day for a month. You can start giving them to her again if her knee starts to bother her again. Also consider sprinkling a teaspoon of unflavored gelatin on her food once a day. A 1998 study done at Ball State University in Indiana showed that gelatin relieved knee joint pain and stiffness. It’s easy to find, inexpensive and most dogs don’t mind it added to their food.


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