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When Disaster Strikes
There’s no telling when your house will succumb to fires, floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters or accidents. Be prepared and save your dog’s life with DNF Industries, Inc.’s Pet Rescue Sign – a free-standing, reflective property sign that informs authorities and neighbors that your cherished dogs reside in your house and must be saved. Surface-mount signs and sign decals are also available.
DNF Industries, Inc.; $19.95; 800-531-5271;

Gate a Life
A safety gate can be the best way to tell your dog: “You shall not pass!” But just try telling the safety gate: “You shall not mark up the wall!” It won’t always listen. Enter the EZ-Fit Safety Gate Adapter from ‘bout KIDS Inc. It provides a secure mounting surface for attaching safety gates to walls and staircase posts (without the need for drilling holes), is safety-tested and is compatible with just about every gate on the market.
‘Bout KIDS Inc.; 19.99; 877-BOUTKIDS;

Dog fanciers know the rule for walking well-behaved dogs: the more, the merrier! To avoid multiple-leash
tangles and make the task more manageable, launches its new multiple-dog leash, which can be used to walk up to four dogs. The leash set comes with two leads and one handle, in a variety of colors.; $35.99; 402-213-7044;

Lost and Found
Every year, millions of pets are reported missing. For dog owners searching for a non-
invasive dog-tracking system, Lovemypets introduces the Lovemypets GPS Pet Safety Collar which features a GPS device attached to a glow-in-the-dark and reflective collar. Locate your dog by Internet or phone – the company claims the GPS device works outdoors and indoors (including buildings), and through heavily wooded areas.
Lovemypets, LLC; $229.95; 888-LUV-R-PET;

Fur Fixins
If your current vacuum leaves dog hair stuck to carpets and furniture but you don’t want to buy a new system, consider Bissell’s Pet Pack, a collection of cleaning attachments to enhance your vacuum’s performance. The Pack includes Bissell’s Pet Contour Tool, Wide Pet TurboBrush, and two adaptors that work with most major manufacturer vacuums.
BISSELL Homecare, Inc.; $29.99; 800-237-7691;

Stick ’Em Up
If colder weather means more inside time for your dogs, it probably means more hair left on couches, clothes, rugs and so on. Try StickySheets, pet hair removal sheets that quickly remove pet hair and lint from large surfaces, fit into cracks and around corners, and easily pull apart if stuck to themselves, according to the manufacturers. StickySheets can also be used on car interior to protect your seats from wet dogs and muddy paws.
StickySheets Unlimited, LLC; $19.95 (12 pack); 888-88-STICKY;

Woodland Creatures
Bring the woodlands into your home for your sporting dog with Scott Pet’s Woodland Series, a line of plush toys that squeak and grunt. Styles include ducks, raccoons, deer, skunks, squirrels, pheasants, and rabbits. Super soft and durable, Scott Pet Claims, these toys might help tide your dog over until the next outdoor adventure.
Scott Pet; $9.00; 800-989-4178;

Refreshment Stand
Fresh water is a vital part of your dog’s well-being. The Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain, from Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp., features a dome-shaped water tank that holds 101⁄2 liters of water. The Fountain re-circulates the water, and a mechanical filter collects debris. According to the manufacturer, activated carbon chambers help reduce bad tastes.
Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.; $75.99;

Service Please!
Tired of a scratched door or doorknob chimes? Kelston products offers an alternative way for your dog to inform you when he needs to go outside. Resembling a big concierge bell, the Tell Bell features a large plunger that your dog’s paw won’t miss during crucial moments, the company says. Choose from four colors.
Kelston Products LLC; $24.95; 877-DOG-TELL;

Down to Earth
For green-minded dog fanciers, Earthdog offers hemp-stuffed toys. These natural products feature a hemp canvas shell filled with recycled poly-cotton stuffing, according to the manufacturer. The toys, available for purchase on Earthdog’s website, come in two sizes and in assorted colors.
Earthdog; $8.00–$12.00; 877-654-5528;

Stinker Sinker
If your hibernating canine is leaving doggy smells all over your house this winter, try the PPP OdorClenz Pet Odor Eliminator Spray from Professional Pet Products Inc. Formulated for use on your dog and affected areas, the spray contains odor-removing properties of natural baking soda, the company states. It comes in 16-ounce bottles and gallon refills.
Professional Pet Products Inc.; prices vary; see your local retailer

No. 2 Solution
Yard Butler extends its reach with the Puppy Butler solid-waste scooper. The steel tool is designed with a serrated edge for easy pick-up. A standard grocery bag can be fastened to the end, catching the deposit and making for quick and convenient disposal. And, the tool will last a lifetime with normal use, according to the company.
Yard Butler; $19.58; 800-589-7058;


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