Are Pet Psychics for Real?

Take a peek at the controvery surrounding the world of "animal communication.”


Snickers was stuck on the median of a high-traffic street, while cars whizzed past. “My dog had run off while I was riding one of my horses,” says Terrie White about her 18-year-old Miniature Dachshund, who had wandered more than a mile away. White searched the farms and fields on horseback for hours, knocking on doors, and finally called in Bea Lydecker, an animal communicator. Lydecker drove in to help and looked around.

“She told me Snickers went in that direction and pointed at the busy road, and I rode that way,” White says. Luckily, a couple had stopped and scooped Snickers into their car. They canvassed the nearest housing complex, searching for her owner.

“Another man driving home told me that someone had just picked my dog up off the road. Fearing she was hit by a car, I took off on my horse to the nearest neighborhood, and I found a man sitting with Snickers, safe and sound.”

I wouldn’t have found her without Bea. I wouldn’t have even thought of looking in that direction,” White says.

Lydecker is one of a small but growing number of animal communicators (the preferable term to “pet psychic,” which has negative connotations), who take on such tasks as finding lost pets, pinpointing health issues and assisting with behavioral problems. “I was one of the first to start doing this,” says Lydecker, who has been an animal communicator for more than 40 years. “One day I walked up to a dog and suddenly knew what he was thinking and feeling.”

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