Little Hero

A chance encounter with a lost dog leads to an unequaled friendship.


On Feb. 20, 2011, there was a slight cool breeze, and the sky was partly cloudy. I had gone outside to take a small walk around the front yard, and I was working my way back to the front door. Just as I reached the mailbox, I saw a small reddish-brown and white dog trotting up the sidewalk toward me. The small Fox Terrier wore no collar, and I had no clue whose dog it was or where it came from.

I called the police department to see if someone had lost a small dog in our town. They hadn’t received any lost-dog calls, so my mother and I took him into our home. I asked the small dog if he wanted to be named Cowboy. He smiled, wagged his tail, barked and ran around in circles. Cowboy it is, I thought.

This little dog has been a God-send to me and my mom, who is disabled. Cowboy understands every word I say to him. He is one smart little pup. He plays with his rubber ball and frog toy, pulls his rope, and plays games. He watches for the postman. We go and get the mail together on a routine basis. He never fails to let us know when the postman is around or someone is out there. He is a good watch dog.

Cowboy loves my mother. He sometimes sleeps with her in bed. When she’s in her wheelchair watching TV, Cowboy jumps in her lap and sits with her. If my mom is restless in bed, he gets me up out of bed to check on her.

This kind, big-hearted little dog has kept me going in very hard times. We call this love with no strings attached. I believe that pets help lower blood pressure, and medical problems are not so stressful anymore. I thank God every day for this gift.

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