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January 18, 2011




January 2011

14 | Who Will Take It All?
One of these seven contenders might strut all the way to Best in Show at 2011's Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.
by Dan Sayres

30 | Meet the Breed: Eastern Monument
Beloved in its native Japan and around the world, the Akita radiates dignity and showers its loved ones with ample affection. More>>
by Kim Campbell Thornton



36 | Half Way Home
Foster owners temporarily welcome rescue dogs into their homes to offer love, training and socialization until they are adopted. More>>
by Debbie Swanson

40 | 10 Ways to Help Homeless Dogs
Whether you donate old linens or spearhead a fund-raising campaign, shelters and rescue groups appreciate every effort.
by Debbie Swanson

42 | Rescue Today
Breed rescues share how they are both bolstered and challenged by the impacts of the economic downturn and other influences.
by Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

46 | Switching It Up
Provide a variety of foods to delight your dog's taste buds and provide a nutritionally complex diet.
by Mary Straus

50 | Rare Breed Spotlight: Mudi
A Hungarian breed that's rare even in its homeland, this rustic herding dog has a devoted following in the United States. More>>
by Alice Bixler

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4 | From the Editor
Back to School
By Jackie Brown

5 | Inbox

6 | Reader Photos

7 | First Things First

10 | Canine News

18 | Training and Behavior
Why the Long Face?: Evaluating a puppy's disinterest in obedience class.
by M. Christine Zink, D.V.M., Ph.D.

20 | People
One Smokin' Journey: Melissa Ness rescues Smoke and shares in the Chessie's rise to the top of the dock-jumping ranks.
by Tiffany Lin

22 | Conformation Corner
Level the Playing Field: In the sport of showing dogs, novice exhibitors must learn the breed and practice to perfection.
by Jeffrey G. Pepper

24 | Natural Tips for Beautiful Coats
Nourish your dog from the inside out to grow a dazzling coat.
by Deva Khalsa, V.M.D.

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53 | Dog Stars

55 | Breeder Finder Index

72 | My Story

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