Dog World January 2012

January 2012

16 | Bright Lights, Dog City
9 must-see attractions taking place in Manhattan during Westminster week this February.
By Dan Sayers

30 | Meet the Breed
Built to Last: The oldest of the four Sennenhund breeds, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog assisted farmers in the snowy Alps to earn its place by the fireside. More>>
By Kim Campbell Thornton

36 | Welcome Home
10 tips to follow when adopting a new dog. More>>
By Terry Long

38 | Socialization After Puppyhood
Learn how to identify and address your rescue dog's needs to ease its transition.
By Terry Long

40 | Adopt a Dog the Right Way
Searching for a new family member is an exciting but potentially difficult endeavor. Follow these guidelines to avoid pitfalls and find reputable rescue options.
By Debbie Swanson

44 | Scent Force
The SDF training program finds shelter dogs and turns them into all-star search-and-rescue dogs. More>>
By Jennifer Nelson

50 | Rare Breed Spotlight:
Walking on Moonbeams: With a history steeped in an ancient civilization, the striking Peruvian Inca Orchid emanates mystery and beauty.
By Alice Bixler


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4 | From the Editor
In It Together More>>
By Jackie Brown

6 | Inbox

8Online Content and Contests

10 | First Things

14 | Canine News

20 | Training and Behavior
The Best Trainer: How to find the right instructor for you and your dog. More>>
By M. Christine Zink, D.V.M., Ph.D.

22 | Breeder's Notebook
In the Crossfire: When should descendents of crossbred dogs be allowed into the stud book? More>>
By D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

24 | Advice From the Natural Vet
What Is Homeopathy? This age-old method of healing has made a comeback as more people choose to manage their dogs' health naturally.
By Deva Khalsa, V.M.D.

26 | Conformation Corner
The Way She Moves: Good movement requires a balanced dog with correct proportions.
By Jeffrey G. Pepper

28 | In the Community
Saving Pita: A rescued pit bull owes her life to a dog-trainer-in-training thanks to an animal career vocational college's outreach program.
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

53 | Dog Shop

54 | Dog Stars

56 | Breeder Finder Index

70 | Classified Ads

71 | Advertiser Index

72 | My Story
The Missing Piece: A rescue dog fills the space in two women's lives. More>>

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