The Kuvasz

With its constant vigilance and keen eye for order, this handsome working dog is a guardian to the core.


Kuvasz owners are convinced that their breed is the most beautiful in the world, and who could argue with them? A dog of imposing size and pure white coat, with deep brown eyes set in a head of nobility and dignity, the Kuvasz is a most handsome dog. Although they have a challenging personality, they also have a nurturing, protective nature, an outrageous sense of humor, and breathtaking natural beauty.

The Kuvasz (pronounced "Koo-voss;" the plural form is Kuvaszok) belongs to the family of ancient livestock guard dogs of Eurasia. These large white dogs include the Great Pyrenees, the Italian Maremma, the Turkish Akbash, and the Polish Tatra Sheepdog. Because wolves and thieves came at night, the shepherd's dog needed to be white so that it could be distinguished quickly.

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Jen   St. Andrews, AA

6/19/2007 2:24:03 PM

Thanks for featuring this great breed! At the moment I own 2 of them. While they are not for everyone, I adore mine. They are incredible dogs; great with cats, horses, goats... this list could go on and on! They comfort and cuddle with me when I am sad or sick, and have a hilariously mischievous sense of humour (my male loves to steal
Thanks for helping to raise awareness of this rare breed. They are few and far between here in Canada, with most of them being working dogs, and rarely pets.

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Liz   Racine, WI

5/22/2007 8:33:30 AM

Having had a kuvász for almost 14 years and having been born in Hungary myself, I would like to correct this article with regard to the pronunciation of the breed name. It is not Koo-voss, but Koo-vahss. The name should actually be spelled with an accent over the a. In Hungarian a plain "a" is pronounced "aw" as in "aw shucks", with an accent it is pronounced "ah" as in "open your mouth and say

Pronunciations aside, we couldn't have asked for a more intelligent, playful, protective, sweet, affectionate (I could go on) dog. He is sadly missed every day, but I don't have to vacuum as often.

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