Fancying the Nordic

The Scandinavian countries may be remote to us, but all boast a rich tradition of breeding and showing.


To most people, the mention of Scandinavia conjures images of ice-packed fjords and snow-capped evergreens. But dog shows? North Americans are familiar with the humongous dog extravaganza that is Crufts, and few haven't heard of Westminster. Competitors that sample foreign delights, however, are a rare breed.

The Scandinavian nations don't take up a great deal of map space, but those experienced in world canine affairs can tell you that these small countries pack a knock-out punch. It is no secret that countries such as Sweden adn Finland are home to many of the world's top terrier and sighthound kennels -- 'Raglan' Scottish Terrier, 'El-Hamrah' Salukis and 'Siphra' Pharaoh Honuds, for instance -- while tiny Norway boasts the likes of Espen Engh and his 'Jet's' Grehounds. Canmoy Standard Poodles, Kimura Norwegian Buhunds, and Sablemaster Giant Schnauzers count among the many others. All have made an indelible mark on breeding programs and in show rings the world over.

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Lisa   Smithtown, NY

5/23/2007 8:59:44 AM

This was an enjoyable interesting article. I am of Norwegian descent and did want to let you know though that your portrayal of the Norwegian flag is incorrect. It should have a red background with a navy blue cross surrounded by white.

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