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Think Outside the Bowl
WholeMeals presents the first main meal in the shape of a bone. Meant to replace traditional dog foods, WholeMeals presents a more natural and nutritious way for dogs to eat, claims the manufacturer. The bones, which have a chewy-textured exterior and dense meaty center, are said to be low in calories and proven to reduce plaque and tartar buildup.
WholeMeals; $4.99–$29.99 (3 sizes); 800-525-5273;

Cozy Carrier
Update your canine’s carrier with Nylabone’s new Cozytime Pet Home and Carrier. Designed to blend into your home’s décor, the open-air carrier offers ventilation on all four sides. For show or performance dogs on the go, owners can take advantage of the latching system: a comfort grip top with side handles that folds flat for easy storage.
Nylabone; $49.99; 800-631-2188;

Pet Digest
Whether you’re feeding raw or processed foods, your dog may experience indigestion. Enzymedica offers Pet Digest, an enzyme supplement that you can add to your dog’s food. According to Enzymedica, the micro-encapsulated blend includes 11 naturally occurring enzymes such as protease and lipase to ease your pet’s digestive tract.
Enzymedica, Inc.; $26.98; 888-918-1118;

Rack Attack

Proud owners of show and performance champions can display their ribbons on a True Champion Display. The adjustable three-level rack includes an eight-by-10-inch frame above the rods which holds a picture or personalized engraved plaque. True Display Racks come in three finishes: black iron, satin nickel and satin brass.
True Champion Displays; $99.99–$129.00; 805-380-4001;

Mother’s Milk
When their mother’s milk is not available, puppies can find nourishment in Just Born Milk Replacer, a replacement whose formula is said to closely match the nutritional profile of mother’s milk. The formula comes in eight- and 32-ounce Tetra Paks; Just Born Liquid comes in 12- and 24-ounce cans. Both liquid and
powder formulas have a two-year shelf life.
Central Life Sciences; $4.79; 800-234-2269;

Get Canned
Dogswell introduces its new line of canned dog food for owners who prefer natural products. Made with cage-free chicken and duck and New Zealand lamb, the Happy Hips (meant to maintain healthy hips and joints) and Vitality (for healthy eyes, skin and coat) formulas contain nutraceuticals, vitamins and minerals, says Dogswell.
Dogswell; $1.99–$2.29; 888-559-8833;

No Stink Inc. introduces Odorzout, its line of odor eliminators consisting of a blend of non-toxic minerals. Available in powdered and granulated forms, the product contains no chemicals or perfumes and is safe for pets and people, the company says. The Odorzout line includes several products, such as All Surface Granules, All Purpose Pouches, and Laundry Additive Powder, among others.
No Stink Inc.; prices vary; 800-88-STINK;

Fashion Forward
The MODRuff line of handmade dog coats takes normal canine clothing to the next level. Created by an artist, the coats are sculpted and constructed in supple, 100-percent waterproof natural rubber. Fitted with stylish fasteners, the coats can “take your dog from the cool days of fall through winter’s chills to rainy spring days,” according to the company.
MODRuff; prices vary;

Be Prepared
Like a Swiss Army Knife for the pickers of poop, the All-in-One Dispenser from K9 Bags is always prepared. An L.E.D. flashlight for locating piles in the dark? Check. Hand sanitizer to kill lingering bacteria? Yup. An easy-to-use hook to attach soiled bags and a reflector for better safety during nighttime walks? Yeah, it has all that.
K9 Bags; $12.95; 877-459-2247;

Lead On
Ever let your dog off-leash, but keep one on hand “just in case”? That’s where the Roundabout Leash, from StuntPuppy Inc., comes in handy. Designed for therapy dogs, sporting dogs and working dogs, the product fits around a dog’s neck. It can be quickly grabbed and expanded into a leash when the need arises, and is available with red or blue color tabs.
StuntPuppy Inc.; $16;

Ruff Wear Inc. presents The TurnUP, the toy that “is almost round and it bounces all around – left, right, up, and down,” the company says. This latex rubber ball (which sort of  resembles the vegetable-variety turnip) can be used interactively for exercising, throwing, or fetching, and can be stuffed with treats for long stretches of solitary play.
Ruff Wear Inc.; $9.95; 888-783-3932;

Rock and Roll

Dog Rocks can ultimately eliminate some of the brown spots on green lawns that are caused by urinating dogs, according to the company. Placed in a dog’s water bowl, the rocks are said to help filter out some of the impurities found in the water, such as tin, ammonia and nitrates. Without such impurities, the dog’s urine might actually help fertilize the lawn, the company says.
Dog Rocks Enterprises; $11.95 for 160g Small Pack; 949-831-8678,


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