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Whenever I’m driving, I’m astonished by the number of people I see traveling with their dogs unrestrained in the car. In this month’s article about car safety (Dog on Board, page 42), I learned that 56 percent of dog owners allow their dogs to roam freely in the car according to an American Pet Products Association survey of pet owners.

Many years ago, I witnessed the aftermath of a co-worker’s car accident. He was driving and swerved to miss a stray dog in the road. The car rolled and his Basset Hound was ejected out the windshield, sustaining injuries. The dog then ran off into the desert. Even after all of these years, I’ve never forgotten my co-worker’s haunting tale. Since that time, I’ve always secured all of my pets in a crate or harness while in the car.

I strap my Miniature Poodle Jäger into the back seat with a doggie seat belt for car trips. Even when he’s wearing his seat belt, I worry about my dog’s safety while in the car. Anything can happen on the road. It only takes a moment for an accident to occur, and even a minor collision could injure a dog. On our first road trip with Jäger, my husband teased me for driving so carefully. He said I was driving as if we had plutonium in the back seat.

If you’re not in the habit of buckling up your dog in the car, I urge you to turn over a new leaf. Seat belts and crates are easy to use, make travel comfortable for your dog, and help keep you and your pet safe on the road.


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