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Toasty Travel
If car travel stresses your dog, or inclement weather causes it on-road discomfort, opt for the Heated Seat Cover and Heated Cargo Pad, from ColdHead, the company that brought you the Dolce Vita Traveler pet bed. The two products, which fit in the backseats of most cars and backs of SUVs or wagons, evenly distribute heat using its patent-pending Flat Screen Heater.
ColdHead; $120-$160; (800) 334-0573;

Picture Perfect
If a four-by-six photo doesn't do your show champion and beloved companion justice, consider Canvas on Demand. Within four or five business days, a digitally rendered canvas with your dog's image will appear at your doorstep. Options include a realistic interpretation, a dreamy artistic rendering, a color photo converted to black-and-white or sepia and much more.
Prices vary according to size, treatment and frame.
Canvas on Demand; $59-$369; (800) 801-6312;

Positive Impediments
Brake-Fast dog food bowls are molded with three cylindrical impediments in the center, positioned to slow down a dog's eating and help reduce Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV or bloat). The dishwasher-safe bowls can accomodate up to five cups of kibble or canned food, according to the company. Large- and small-sized bowls available June 2007.
Brake-Fast; $16.99; (757) 339-5703;

The Long Stretch
Just Ducky Products introduces The Perfect Leash, designed with a proprietary polyurethane material that stretches and elongates when dogs pull. The product design features a patented handled that provides a comfortable grip for adults and children, according to the company. The product comes in two sizes, the walker and theheeler, and is available in four color choices.
Just Ducky Products; $24.99 (walker), $23.99 (heeler); (610) 965-4356;

Bag It Up
Are your daily dog walked hindered by uncomfortable stuffed pockets? With the Bag It Big Wold Dog Leash, you now have a convenient place to store keys, a cellular phone, plastic bags, lip balm and other miscellaneous items while walking your dog. EK Ekcessories's wide nylon-webbing leash now has a mesh bag attached that can also be used to store the leash.
EK Ekcessories; $24.99; (435) 753-8448;

Take on Terriers
Are you an expert in everything Terrier, looking to buy one of your own, or somewhere in between? Rangeaire Vision, an Australian-based company, presents Terriers Then & Now, its latest educational DVD that delves into the history, purpose and much more about the active dogs you can't help but love. The DVD runs over 2.5 hours and includes historical clips and stills.
Rangeaire Vision; approx. $55; +61 3 9878 3284;


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