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I am writing regarding the article titled "The Gordon Setter" by Jan Mahood which appears in the February 2007 issue of Dog World. I was pleased that Jan asked me to be interviewed for this article and found the finished product to be a well-written and interesting read. There is, however, one correction that needs to be made.

On page 27, the article reads: "'E.T.' (BIS/SBIS/DC Sun-Yak Spellbound's Heaven Scent) recently made Gordon history by becoming the first dual champion ever to win a Group First and go Best in Show at the National Specialty." The sentence should read: "the first dual champion ever to win a Group First and take an all-breed Best in Show."

Thank you for showcasing our beloved Gordon Setter breed.

Carolyn R. Gold
Spellbound Gordons
Northern Calif.

'Breed to succeed' praise
Dear Editor,
I confess that when my latest edition of Dog World arrived, I cheated as I always do and started flipping pages quickly to find a dog that caught my eye...generally that does not take long.  Then, I settle down after dinner and read articles.

With the recent arrival of my April issue, I barely made it a few pages in and was hooked by Jeffrey Pepper's contemplative column on low-entry breeds.

Owning and exhibiting a rare breed that only recently gained AKC recognition really made his words ring true to me.  I greatly enjoyed reading his perspective.

Just when I thought I had a chance to eat dinner, a few more pages and as Emeril would say, "BAM!"  I am completely agreeing with every point Bo Bengtson makes about keeping a small kennel while still making a significant contribution.

I did avoid starvation and completed  "Reading Between the Lines" while eating dinner. This article was a keeper and one that I will refer back to time and again as my wife and I endeavor to start our small breeding program.

Dan Nechemias
Dawa Tibetan Mastiffs
Yamhill, Ore.

...And how!
I just wanted to say I think the April 2007 issue is your best effort to date!
It's loaded with good information and is well written. Bravo!

Betty-Anne Stenmark
Woodside, Calif.

Putting Up Puppies
This is a letter to the editor regarding Richard Beauchamp's article, "Putting up puppies" (May 2007, Judge's Perspective). I have read his articles for years and can 'feel' what he says. The article discusses putting up a puppy over an older mature dog, if it is the best dog on that day.

Years ago, Mrs. Treen put up a puppy over several dogs from the Open class. When questioned, she said, "I know how bad the mature dogs are and they won't get any better. For today, the puppy is a fine specimen of its breed."

John Marsman
via e-mail


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