Strondog Tests

Trials to evaluate larger terriers and bull types.


Historical remains show that dogs became an integral part of human society when humans were still living in caves. The dogs were partners in both hunting and guarding encampments. As humans began to maintain food animals, dogs were employed to guard and herd them. Humans moved from gathering to farming and keeping grains and vegetables in reserve, and rodents and other varmints became a nuisance. In response, people used dogs to protect the stored food by having them chanse away or kill these invaders. Hence, terriers were born. Because rodents tend to burrow, people needed dogs that could burrow in after them or "go to ground" to eradicate the problem. Good earth burrowers were bred to others, and the many strains or terriers evolved.

Historical Background
People love to brag about their accomplishments, their children, and so on. This applies to working animals as well. For as long as people have been keeping terriers, ownesr have argued over who has the better dog. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, terrier men in Ireland, who were as tenacious as their canines, devised trials to test the gameness of their dogs against badgers and other game. AFter a number of years, these tests became more formalized and were finally required by the Irish Kennel Club for a terrier to become a conformation champion. There were three levels of tests for which certificates (or teastas in Gaelic) were awarded: Misneach (Courage Test), Mor (Big Test), and Beag (Small Test).

Above: Proposed test

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