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Grooming schools provide aspiring professionals with top-notch training and business know-how.


Like in any trade, education is key to becoming a professional in the grooming field. Talent and a love of dogs are vital, but without a formal education, your attempts to create a successful grooming business will likely fail.

Few of the skills necessary for true success in the business can be learned from the pages of a book or by simple observation. Grooming dogs isn’t just cutting their hair and making them smell nice. It extends beyond basic cleanliness and maintenance, and provides an extended service that only a trained professional can offer.  These services include noticing changes in a dog’s skin and general health that a dog owner might not notice, and training the pet to allow its owner to groom it at home. Grooming schools aim to transform novices into knowledgeable and well-rounded professionals.

Education edge
If all you want is to learn to groom your own dog, a campus grooming program probably isn’t necessary. Instead, consider a brief online course, or an instructional CD or DVD devoted to your breed or to mixed breeds. However, if you want to learn a trade that offers life-long satisfaction and an adequate salary, explore professional education options. Dog-grooming schools are official higher-learning facilities, the same as any technical school or university. Choosing one requires the same careful consideration.

Most states don’t require you to earn certification before opening a grooming salon, and it isn’t absolutely necessary to attend classes to become a successful dog groomer. However, there’s no question that the education you receive in a professional grooming school will give you an edge over your competitors.

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