Spirit Dog

An adopted Shiba Inu helps his owner accept the death of her beloved Rottweiler.

By By Debora Y. |



Unfortunately, my story begins with the loss of my beloved Rottweiler of almost 12 years, Cyrus. He was the absolute love of my life. We had a connection that I never had with any other dog I have ever owned. His passing on December 13, 2011, left me and his son, Nero, at a complete loss. His absence left a huge void. How would we go on?

Three days after his passing, Nero and I were walking in the park where we had always walked with Cyrus. Suddenly, a red Shiba Inu came out of the woods. He jumped up on Nero and licked his face. As we walked, he walked with us. He never left our side. Because the Shiba wore no collar and seemed somewhat skittish, I thought that someone had dumped this little guy at the park.

I drove around the block and came back to the park, where I found him standing near the road. I couldn’t leave him there alone so I loaded him into the car and took him to my vet to see if someone had lost him. They scanned the dog, and remarkably he had a microchip. I knew if someone had gone to this measure, they must be missing him. My vet called and got a voicemail message where he left my number so they could contact me.

I took the Shiba Inu home, and to my surprise, he immediately took over the bed where Cyrus had slept during his last months with us. When Nero got near the bed, the Shiba charged at him. Then he took over the basket of Cyrus’ toys. I was blown away when I let the Shiba outside where I had buried Cyrus and he immediately went to his grave. One by one he took all of Cyrus’ toys out to the grave. He even carried Cyrus’ bowl out there. How could this be? Then I realized two more strange coincidences. First, Cyrus’ best friend was my neighbor’s Shiba Inu. Second, this little Shiba I found kissed me on my nose just like Cyrus did. It was as if Cyrus’ spirit was inside this little lost Shiba. I wondered if our departed animals come back to us in a different form, if their energy and spirit live on even after their passing.

I was hesitant at first to become attached to the little red Shiba Inu because I knew someone would call me to pick him up, but no one ever called. I named him Yoshi, which means “good luck” and “joy” in Japanese. Words cannot explain the difference Yoshi has made in my life as well as Nero’s. Although Yoshi did not replace Cyrus, his connection to him helped both Nero and me find comfort during such a difficult time. It’s amazing that even in his death, Cyrus found a way to bring us joy again.

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