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Light Bright
Your beloved canine may bring an array of unwelcome guests into your house. Halo Technologies sheds light on this problem with the UV-ST germ-killing vacuum. According to the manufacturer, the ultraviolet light the vacuum emits traps and kills 99.9 percent of dust mites, flea eggs, bacteria and mold. The vacuum also suctions shed hair and dirt using two high-powered motors.
Halo Technologies; $499.00; 866-638-HALO;

Alpha and Omega

Dog owners who seek supplements for their canine can look to HealthGUARD dog vitamins. Manufactured in labs that meet the same requirements as human-grade supplement facilities, the company claims, these supplements provide omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, known to improve cardiovascular health, skin, and the immune system.
Pet Parent’s Network; $23.50 (60-day supply); 888-501-PETS;

Hear Me Out
Has your dog turned your cherished cellular phone into his bright and shiny chew toy? Try Casio’s G’zOne, a cell phone designed to survive the most extreme elements – it is said to be resistant to water, humidity, salt fog, solar radiation, shock, dust, vibration, drool, and chomping canine K-9s.
Casio; $299.99;

Passenger Perks
On the way to your next big show or dog-friendly getaway, stow your puppy or small dog in Jeep Consumer Products’ Urban Traveler. The nylon traveler sports mesh windows, side-zippered flaps that let your dog enjoy fresh air and views out the plane, train or automobile. Available in hot pink and army green, Jeep’s Urban Traveler meets all commercial airline carry-on standards, Jeep says.
Jeep Consumer Products; $49.99; 800-789-5337;

A Germ’s Nightmare
United Pet Group Inc. takes a targeted approach to germ warfare with its new Nature’s Miracle Ultra Disinfectant. The professional-grade product kills an array of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi, such as canine distemper virus, canine parvovirus, and more. Safe for use as directed, the company boasts 100 percent eradication in three minutes or less.
United Pet Group Inc.; $19.99;

Cover Lover
Want one less cleanup chore to do after returning exhausted from the weekend’s dog show? Consider
Oh Henry’s Car Coveralls, machine-washable coveralls that protect car interiors from moisture and dirt. The coveralls fit over back seats, the back of front seats, and the automobile’s floor or cargo area. Bucket Coveralls are available as well.
Oh Henry; $40–$80; 510-236-5335;


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