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Good to Go
At home or on the road, injuries sustained by your pet require immediate attention. Go Packs offers the Advanced First Aid Kit stocked with items to treat minor injuries or provide aid while you wait for proper veterinary care, Go Pack says. The advanced kit includes an illustrated first-aid guide that addresses basic wound care, heat and cold exposure, poisonings, and more.
Go Packs; $50.00; 215-234-4648;

In Memoriam gives grieving pet owners the chance to memorialize their beloved dog on a tribute blanket. The company claims that the 100-percent-cotton custom-knitted blanket presents an exact reproduction of the photograph taken of the owner’s deceased pet. Available in black, white or sepia, the blanket measure 50" x 65".; $120; 877-738-7322;

Trifold Table
According to its manufacturer, the Grooming Center is the first grooming table to combine key features to improve working lives of groomers and veterinarians. The table features a 3-sided wraparound catch-all tray said to collect hair and prevent dogs from slipping off the table. Other features include an electric motor that adjusts the table’s height and a one-hand-operation grooming noose.
WAHL Clipper Corporation; 800-767-9245;

Root of the Problem
Welcoming a puppy into your home often means welcoming fur-covered carpet, floors, and couches. The latest Dyson Root 6, or the DC16 Animal, is a handheld vacuum designed for pet-hair pick up. Dyson claims that the vacuum, which features a motorized brushbar and rechargeable battery, allows for hygienic and quick cleanup.
Dyson; $199.99; 866-693-9766;

Dog Out of Water
Spring welcomes warmer weather, giving your water-loving canine a chance to swim, wade and retrieve to his heart’s content. Ease his excursions with the Super Skamper-Ramp, a platform that, the manufacturer states, allows dogs to exit the pool or get out of the water and onto most docks and some boats by themselves.
Skamper Industries, LLC; $98.95; 877-POOLPET;

The Way Home
The Zoombak Advanced GPS Dog Locator is designed to be a dependable and accurate way to help locate lost and stolen dogs, according to the company. The product works with Assisted Global Positioning System (A-GPS), which utilizes both satellite and cellular technologies. The small, light-weight locator attaches comfortably to a dog’s collar, and can be tracked at Zoombak’s website.
Zoombak LLC; $199; 866-951-0101;

Doggy Bags
Introducing Tag Bags, a new form of canine apparel designed for multiple uses. They are designed to slip easily on or off any collar or harness with a buckle or snap closure. Each Tag Bag has a velcro closure that allows you to hide tags, eliminate their metal clinking sounds, and prevents them from becoming a hazard. They can also carry “poop bags”, keys, and other small items.
Tag Bags; $12;

Canine Condo
SuiteDigs Inc. offers an innovative line of stackable and connectable canine enclosures, designed to save space and offer dogs safety and comfort. The modules are fully customizable, 100-percent sanitary and leak proof, and can be joined together horizontally or vertically in any combination, according to the company. Each suite measures 25" high x 25" deep x 55" wide.
SuiteDigs, Inc.; $499 per

State of the Union
Why can’t leashes and collars be one and the same? With the Insta-Leash, Ballistic Dog’s “all-in-one collar and leash for dogs on-the-go,” they can be. A pull tab easily unsnaps to transform a seemingly simple collar into a collar-leash combo. The durable nylon webbing is available in four colors, including Rocket Red, Limey Lime, Ice Blue, and Arctic Blue.
Ballistic Dog; $18.95; 800-959-3403

Par for the Course
Daring Dogs offers its line of light-weight, portable agility equipment. Designed for backyard beginners, the products follow current agility specifications and are sturdy enough to hold up against zealous dogs, according to the company. Practice tunnels, tire jumps, weave poles, chute combos, and hurdle jumps are some of the available items.
Daring Dogs; prices vary; 585-330-5985;

Itzadog LLC introduces its Zuka Bowl line of collapsible travel bowls. The light-weight product is designed to fold effortlessly and easily clip to a leash or belt loop, according to the company. The bowls are available in 10-ounce and 16-ounce sizes, and come in four uniqe and fashionable patterns.
Itzadog LLC; $12 for 10-ounce bowls, $16 for 16-ounce bowls; 800-961-2DOG;

Rinse and Repeat
Idea Factory Inc. introduces the Rinse Ace Pet Shower Deluxe. The product is designed to attach directly onto a shower head and quickly rinses away soaps and shampoos, without the need of buckets of cups. A “quick-connect” 8-foot detachable hose plugs in only when needed maing for quick and easy installation, according to the company.
Idea Factory Inc.; 800-867-4673;


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