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Battle the Bulge
Your dog relies on your for a healthy feeding regimen. Consider Petmate's Electronic Portion Control Le Bistro feeder which holds 10 pounds of food. The product automatically dispenses anywhere from 3/4 to 3 cups of food up to three times a day, depending on your dog's size and dietary needs. The feeder display shows the current time, meals programmed, meal size and meals served.
Petmate; $79.99-$89.99; (877) PETMATE;

Virbac Corp. introduces WormX Plus, a chewable tablet that treats roundworms, hookworms and the two most common forms of tapeworm in the United States. Available at local pet stores, WormX Plus is pork-liver flavored which, according to the company, makes dosing an easier task. Small and large tablets are available in blister packs.
Virbac Corporation; prices vary; (800) 338-3659;

Sit a Spell
For older and ailing dogs, the Draper Knitting Company offers the Canine Therapy Dog Bed to soothe your dog's fatigued muscles. The manufacturer states that Holofiber, the material used for the bed cover, increases circulation by relaxing the dog's capillaries and increasing blood oxygen levels, accelerating healing and recovery of muscle fatigue. The Canine Therapy Dog Bed comes in four sizes.
Draper Knitting Company; $99-$199; (800) 808-7707;

Collar Comfort
The Procurer presents an alternative to the hard plastic Elizabethan collars your dog must wear during recovery from injury, surgery or trauma. The nonallergenic, nontoxic and water-resistant Soft Blue Trimline Collar allows animals to eat, drink and sleep in comfort while still preventing them from licking or biting affected areas, the company asserts.
The Procurer; $9-$20; (407) 230-8830;

Keep It Cool
Help your dog stay hydrated and happy with the Critter Cooler, and innovative new water-bowl system from Critter Concepts which claims taht the "gravity-feed" cooler solves common watering problems owners face. The system includes three bowls raised 7.5 inches off the ground and three locking wheels for easy transport.
Critter Concepts; $89.95-$119.95; (877) 6-BIG-DOG;


Zoe, a needle-free insulin jet from Health-Mor, offers an alternative for diabetic dogs. A coiled spring generates power and releases insulin through a tiny orifice, the diameter of which is half that of a typical needle. The micro-jet then passes through the subcutaneous area of the skin tissue. The device is completely reusable, eliminating complications arising from tip and cartridge disposal.
Health-Mor; (866) 235-2673;


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Cindy   San Antonio, TX

3/3/2008 7:59:02 PM

The Critter Cooler is incredible- I will NEVER fill water bowls again--

User Avatar

Shelly   San Antonio, TX

11/12/2007 8:19:04 AM

This Critter Cooler does the job, I just got me second one for my day care-

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