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November 23, 2007




Dog World | November 2007

November 2007

22 | Meet the Breed: The Australian Cattle Dog
An intrepid herder and fearless worker, the Cattle Dog has personality and skill to spare.
by Stephanie Horan

30 | The Healing Touch
For some dogs, acupressure might be just what the doctor ordered.
by Narda G. Robinson, DO, DVM, MS, FAAMA

34 | The Fine Print
Deciphering the jargon of dog-food labels. More>>
by Liz Palika

42 | Facing Cancer
A dog's diagnosis presents some tough decisions, but there are options.
by Deb M. Eldredge, DVM

48 | Generalists and Specialists
Know how to find the right veterinarian for the job. More>>
by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

54 | From Owner to Breeder, Part I
How dog ownership evolved into a canine career for four successful breeders. More>>
by Matthew Schenker

58 | Rare Breed Spotlight: The Peruvian Inca Orchid
by Alice Bixler

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4 | From the Editor
Choices we make and paths we take More>>
by Allan Reznik

6 | Dateline
UKC releases statement about Michael Vick allegations; conditional reistration with AKC; "One-health" initiative bridges gap; UKC Premier Top-Ten winners.
by Marcella Durand

12 | Judge's Perspective
Judging uncommon breeds at group level
by Betty-Anne Stenmark

14 | Breeder's Notebook
Health and disease registries offer hope More>>
by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

16 | Showstoppers
The inimitable terrier man Ric Chashoudian
by Sue LeMieux

18 | About Agility
Behavior chains
by Terry Long

20 | Laws & Paws
Lessons from the pet-food crisis More>>
by Marshall H. Tanick

60 | Paws In Review
Books for the dog enthusiast
by Janine Adams

62 | Good Buy
New products More>>

63 | Meet & Compete
For complete canine event listings including conformation, agility, obedience, tracking and more, click here.
by Maryanne Dell

70 | The Dog Shoppe
Canine products and services

73 | Breeder Finder Index
Locate a breeder

114 | Clasified Ads
Everything canine

119 | At Your Service
A guide to our advertisers

120 | The Way We Were

Top Products