Meet the Breed: None Shall Pass

The Watchful Anatolian Shepherd Dog diligently protects its family, flock and fellow from trespassers and threats.


Bold and agile, the dog slowly drove the bear toward the boundary of its property. No slouch when it came to cunning, the bear attempted to entice the dog into the swift-running creek, but its canine adversary avoided the trap, realizing perhaps that it would lose the advantage of solid footing. Disgruntled and outmaneuvered, the ursine intruder trundled away.

Protecting property and livestock from animal and human predators is what the Anatolian Shepherd Dog does best. The breed originated in the rugged terrain of Anatolia, a region of Turkey, where it is believed to have existed for thousands of years, protecting flocks of sheep from wolves and other predators. The Anatolian still works in this capacity today, seen more often as a working dog than in the show ring.

Horse breeder Debi Grunnah turned to the Anatolian after losing cats and a Corgi to coyotes, which soon started chasing her foals. Enough was enough. She decided to acquire a canine enforcer to fight back against the wily raiders.

“From the minute I got an Anatolian, I never had a single predation problem,” says Grunnah, who has been in the breed for 16 years and is vice president of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America.

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Mustafa   Soncag, MD

10/5/2010 3:39:40 PM

In Turkey, these dogs are named as Kangal that is their hometown in Sivas city in eastern
I ask people living in hot states not to have an Anatolian Shepherd because they do not like hot summers. Sivas city, their homeland is a snowy and a very cold region in winter so, naturally, they deal with snow very well.

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