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Bodie's Second Chance: This resilient Great Dane shows that every dog deserves another shot at life.


Last November, Mary Hord answered a phone call from a friend who worked at a local animal shelter. A newly relinquished Great Dane named Bodie, frightened and aggressive, was sequestered inside one of the shelter's intake rooms, and workers were close ot putting him down. Hord, who operates Almost Home Animal Rescue of Rutherford County, rushed there to help.

"He was 150 pounds of mess," recalls Hord from her office. "He panicked when his owners left. He was barking at [shelter workers], and because of his size, they were scared to death of him."

Hord wrangled Bodie into her vehicle and drove him to her veterinarian, who examined him, neutered him and declared him healthy. The next step was to work on behavior and obedience training.

However, three months into his training, Bodie suffered a grand mal seizure. It was the first of a series of medical complications.

Diagnosing Bodie
To determine what caused the seizure, veterinarians injected dye into his spinal column and examined it through an imaging machine, but the dog began convulsing.

"The contrast that they used caused him to go into seizures for nine hours," she says. "We had a team of vets who were expecting a one- to two-hour procedure, but they hung with him until midnight. Atm midnight, he was transferred to an emergency facility and was not expected to make it."

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Crystal   Brentwood, TN

12/4/2011 8:40:38 PM

I was extremely disappointed and in some ways disgusted with my experience with Almost Home Animal Rescue. The person who responded to my e-mailed inquiry on a dog was very rude and insulting. She clearly has issues with disabled individuals. I have dealt with dozens of shelters and breeders in my life time, and never have I met somebody so arrogant, hateful, and unprofessional. Some of her responses reminded me of an ill-tempered 12 year old. They may have a fancy website, and pretty write-ups on their animals, but clearly the people running this place have issues and do not have the best interests of the animals in mind. I will never seek them out for a future adoption, nor will I ever recommend them to anybody else.

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