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November 16, 2011




November 2011

14 | An American Dog Lover in Paris
The 2011 World Dog Show offers a visual feast of breeds, ceremony and culture.
by Kim Campbell Thornton

28 | Meet the Breed
The Shape of Perfection: These elegant, spring-loaded hounds bound by day and cuddle by night. More>>
by Kim Campbell Thornton

34 | Fresh Is Best
The proper storage methods for all types of food.
by Mary Straus

38 | Meet Soupy the Super Mom and Her Kids
This Golden Retriever made obedience history when she produced the most OTCH-winning offspring in one litter. More>>
by Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

42 | On the Front Lines
Breed clubs and veterinary organizations continue to battle cancer through education and research. Read about the latest developments for some of the most-affected breeds. More>>
by Meredith Wargo

46 | Safe and Secure
9 tips to defend your kennel against diseases, accidents and escapes.
by Liz Palika

48 | Rare Breed Spotlight
All Smiles: The even-temptered, loyal Eeurasier lives up to its reason for its existence: to be the perfect companion dog.
by Alice Bixler

52 | Out From the Cold
The Russian Laika breeds embody the ruggedness of their homeland.
by Alice Bixler

54 | The ABCs of EFAs
Pump up your dog's health with the essential fatty acids found in a variety of fish oils.
by Mary Straus

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4 | From the Editor
Walking the Dog Then and Now More>>
by Jackie Brown

6 | Inbox

7 | Reader Photos

8 | First Things First

10 | Canine News

18 | Advice From the Natural Vet
Healthy Dog, Sturdy Bones: Everyone knows calcium is important for strong bones, but certain vitamins play a major role, too.
by Deva Khalsa, V.M.D.

20 | In the Community
Bodie's Second Chance: This resilient Great Dane shows that every dog deserves another shot at life. More>>
by Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

22 | Breeder's Notebook
Genetic Diversity and Immunity: The connection between genes, allergies, hypothyroidism and autoimmune problems.
by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

24 | Conformation Corner
How Specialties Work: The lowdown on specialty classes and placements for novice exhibitors.
by Jeffrey G. Pepper

26 | Training and Behavior
3 Handy, Dandy Tricks for Your First Made: These behaviors will help you out at home and exercise your dog's mind. More>>
by M. Christine Zink, D.V.M., Ph.D.

55 | Dog Shop

56 | Breeder Finder Index

70 | Classified Ads

71 | Advertiser Index

72 | My Story
Finding Phoebe: Time, distance and seemingly insurmountable circumstances couldn't keep a rescued dog from her new forever home. More>>

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