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Let There Be Light
For groomers who want focused, direct light when styling a dog, Andis offers a solution in The Promotor Light, the pet industry's first illuminated clipper. It has three dual-beam LEDs taht light the entire clipper blade which, the company claims, increase safety precision even in groomin dark, shadowed areas. The clipper has a pivot motor that is 20 percent lighter and a ceramic blade taht runs up to 75 percent coller than comparable clippers, says Andis.
Andis; $65.95; (888) 559-9441;

Canine Shine
If your Irish Setter's red coat is turning rusty or you'd like to give your Maltese a makeover, consider the color-enhancing shampoos from Espree Animal Products. The Bright White Shampoo brights white, cream and silver coats, the Dark Coat Aloe Herb Oil Shampoo is said to revitalize dull or faded black and chocolate coats, and the Color Enhancing Shampoo is for reds and multicolor coats.
Espree; prices vary; (800) 328-1317;

Power Shower
Breeders and handlers can take professional-quality dog bathing on the road with PRIMA Bathing System's Mini Pro portable bathing system. With the Mini Pro, shampoo is evenly applied under pressure, massaging deep into the coat. Two interchangeable two-gallon containers hold diluted shampoos. It is available in two configurations: 115volt and 12volt with rechargeable batter pack and roll-along cart.
PRIMA Bathing Systems; $495-$720. (866) 889-0877;

The Brush Off
Who oftentimes needs grooming more than their clients? Groomers do, of course! Whether in a slon or on the go, groomers (and any other dog-hair magnets) can take advantage of the Pocket Pet Hair Tape Roller from Oetmate. According to the company, the roller quickly and conveniently removes hair and lint from carpets, draps, furniture and car seats with a gentle rolling action and can fit into purses, pockets or glove compartments.
Petmate; $1.99; (877) PETMATE;

Finishing Touch
Every step of the dog-grooming process is vital, especially the finishing touches. HP Pet Products offers professional groomers and pet owners alike the handy Double Chamois Grooming Mitt, brought back by request, for the final shining and polishing of your dog's coat. Part of the Coatmitt line, this compeltely natural product is said to help stimulate and bring out the essential oils of a dog's coat to give an "added edge." The mitt fits both right- and left-handed groomers.
HP Pet Products; $12.50; (518) 284-9211.

Diet Right
Nature's Logic introducts its new food line, Canine Dry Diets. Each of the four diets is high in meat or poultry content, low in carbohydrates, gluten free, and has added probiotics and digestive enzymes. Derived from natural whole foods, they are available in chicken, duck with salmon, lamb, and venison.
Nature's Logic; prices vary; (402) 475-7663;


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