The Toy Fox Terrier

Energetic and insatiably curious, this American creation finds its way into cupboards, pillowcases and, most often, your lap.


Life is merrier with a Toy Fox Terrier. That sentiment neatly sums up the entertainment and companionship value of this smaller version of the Smooth Fox Terrier.

"They're not afraid of anything," says Phillip Carracher of Port Charlotte, Fla. "They're playful, they're silly, they're just full of themselves."

People who live with the TFT have no problem coming up with amusing anecdotes about the breed. Ralph Rascati of Canton, Ga., recounts the story of Gorden's Holy Moses U-CDX, who chased a squirrel eight feet up a pine tree in the backyard.

"Unfortunately, once up there he had no idea how to get down," Rascati says. "He finally started to climb down with his front feet but apparently forgot he had back feet, so he just let his back feet and belly scrape all the way down the tree. He was a mess, and he never went up another tree that we know of."

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