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Totally Fetch
If your dog conquers all its toys and looks at you with a “What’s next?” expression, try the Spring Roll from WetNoz. The rubber toy’s hourglass shape offers unpredictable bouncing, keeping your clever canine challenged. The Spring Roll is made of FDA-grade synthetic rubber, according to the manufacturer, and comes in small and large sizes.
$4.95 to $11.95; WetNoz; 888-893-8669;

Breathe In, Breathe Out
Spend more time rubbing your dog’s belly instead of your irritated eyes. The BestAir Lifestyle Pet Filter was developed with allergy-sufferers in mind. According to the manufacturer, dual-
filtration media traps allergen micro-particles, and helps manage the air quality in your home, protecting against pet odors, airborne allergens, mold, pollen, bacteria and dust mites.
$10 to $16; BestAir; 847-683-3400;

Stain and Odor Showdown
Accidents happen, even with the best-trained dogs. Spot Shot Pet carpet cleaner is non-toxic and biodegradable, and can remove new and old stains. Spot Shot Pet also contains anti-resoiling agents, according to the manufacturer.
$8.95 to $9.99; Spot Shot;


Need a Boost?
Let your small dog see the world from your car in a booster seat. Straps suspend the seat basket inches above the car’s seat so your pooch passenger can look out the window without dangerously sticking its head out. Choose among three sizes that hold dogs weighing 12 to 25 pounds, and two fabric styles.
$39.99 to $59.99; Solvit Products; 817-466-1999;

One Mean Sheen
Most owners follow the “lather, rinse, repeat” method when bathing their dog. But where do “nurture” and “soothe” fit in? HG Pet Products answers this question with its dog shampoo. Pet Body Wash provides multiple vitamins, proteins, essential lipids and antioxidants that sooth dry, itchy, irritated skin, according to the manufacturer. Pet Body Wash comes in several scents, including Moroccan Mint and Coconut.
$19.95; HG Pet Products; 877-386-4738;

Undercover Meds
Convincing your dog to swallow a necessary pill can be a real struggle. Try Pill Pockets from Greenies, a dog treat with a pouch that hides a variety of tablet sizes and shapes. Available in two sizes and two flavors (beef and chicken), Pill Pockets disguise your dog’s medication, and also contain vitamins C and E.
$7 (prices vary); Greenies; 866-GREENIES;


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