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September 20, 2009




September 2009

24 | Meet the Breed: Hello Sunshine
The cheery Sealyham Terrier bursts at the seams with a love for live and devotion to its owners. More>>
by Stephanie Horan

32 | On the Fringe
Explore the history of hound breeds, and get an up-close look at four rare hounds that embody elegance and skill. More>>
by Kim Campbell Thornton



38 | Beyond Ordinary
The American Rare Breed Association welcomes rare-breed owners seeking a casual dog-show experience.
by Alice Bixler

44 | Hot on the Trail
Variable surface tracking stimulates a dog's expert scenting abilities and opens up a new world to handlers. More>>
by Susan M. Ewing

50 | Accounting for Taste
Why dogs eat strange things and other interesting facts about the canine sense of taste.
by M. Christine Zink, DVM, Ph.D.

103 | Rare-Breed National Club Listings









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4 | From the Editor
Rare Treasures More>>
by Jackie Franza

6 | Letters

8 | Canine News
FDA approves drug to treat Cushing's disease; UKC's 50th Autumn Oaks show; and more.
by Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

12 | Sports & Fitness
The Thrill of the Chase: Watch your hound sprint at top speed at a lure-coursing trial.
by Maryanne Dell

14 | Natural Health Solutions
Achy Joints: Osteoarthritis, which causes pain in older dogs, can be treated with supplements.
by Shawn Messonnier, DVM

16 | Cook's Corner
Not Fit for Canine Consumption: Not all foods have a place in your dog's homemade diet. More>>
by Randy Kidd, DVM, Ph.D.

18 | In the Ring
Packing for a Dog Show
by Anne H. Bowes

20 | People
Dawne Deeley: Rare-breed advocate More>>
by April Balotro

22 | Breeder's Notebook
The Case of the Dying Litter: Canine herpes presents real dangers, but it is also subject to misinformation.
by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

54 | Paws in Review
Books for the dog enthusiast
by Amy Fernandez

56 | Meet and Compete
Canine event listings
by Barbara Chuck

64 | The Dog Shop
Canine products and services

68 | Breeder Finder Index
Locate a breeder

123 | Classified Ads
Everything canine

127 | At Your Service
A guide to our advertisers

128 | My Story
The Love Affair: A pet-sitting gig becomes a story of love and loss.

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