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Fun at the Dog Park


I’ve visited dog parks before, but never with a dog of my own. Last weekend, my husband and I decided to take our Miniature Poodle Jäger to check out the local dog park, which has a separate area for small dogs.

Dog parks can be overwhelming, so I purposely waited until Jäger was a little older before introducing him to the experience. At 7 months, I felt he was confident enough to handle a large group of off-leash dogs.

He was a little unsure at first, especially when all the dogs in the park swarmed to sniff him as we came through the entrance. One dog, a feisty Jack Russell Terrier, kept mounting him, but thankfully, the dog’s owner was responsible and promptly removed the JRT from the park.

After that, it was smooth sailing as Jager explored the park with the pack of dogs (including an elegant Italian Greyhound, a gregarious Basset Hound and an introverted Shiba Inu). At first, Jäger held his tail atypically low, but after a while, he became more comfortable and his tail returned to its typical 12 o’clock position.

All in all, the visit was a success, and we can’t wait to return to the park this weekend.


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