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Everything you need to know about your favorite breeds is featured in the Popular Dogs® Series. From the history of the breed and training, to nutrition, health and activities - these Magabooks® (magazine-books) provide the essential information for all levels of dog owners. Pick one up and see for yourself!


With seemingly limitless energy, the Dalmatian is a friendly family dog that requires lots of space to run and a family to run with him.

Doberman Pinschers< Doberman Pinschers
Doberman Pinschers are the personal bodyguards of the canine world, devoted and serious toward their owners with proper training … of course, when they aren’t working, they can be sweet and funny; just don’t tell anyone!
English Springer Spaniels English Springer Spaniels
This talented, sporty hunter is the perfect combination of intelligence and goofy humor.
French Bulldogs French Bulldogs
They say you’ll be judged by the company you keep. If so, it’s difficult to imagine a dog more literary, more artistic, more streetwise, more downright brazen than the French Bulldog.
German Shepherds German Shepherds
Police officers, security guards, movie stars – German Shepherds have impressive work résumés, but it is their “at home” demeanor that makes them ideal family members.
German Pointer German Pointer
A versatile gundog, the friendly and intelligent German Pointer loves to be around kids, birds and things to chew.
Golden Retrievers Golden Retrievers
This fun, jolly, smart, easygoing, family-friendly, feathered dynamo has lots of energy for families looking for an active dog.
Greyhounds Greyhounds
Sensitive, charming, graceful, friendly -- these are only some of the words that describe this speedy breed that’s raced its way into people’s hearts.
Jack Russell Terriers Jack Russell Terriers
The charming and affectionate JRT needs an energetic, patient and fun-loving owner to keep up with his zest for life.
Labrador Retrievers Labrador Retrievers
Easy to groom, never tires, quick to train – Labs appear to have been breed to be perfect family dogs!
Lhasa Apsos Lhasa Apsos
Alert but tranquil, confident but cautious, circumspect in demeanor, the Lhasa Apso doesn’t seem all that far from his roots in the Himalayas of Tibet.
Maltese Maltese
The snow-white Maltese has a long flowing coat that needs a lot of grooming. His small stature makes him an ideal house dog for an adoring owner, but not for young children.
Miniature Pinschers Miniature Pinschers
Eighty pounds of dog in an 8-pound frame. Find out if you are up for the challenge.
Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature Schnauzers
Small but mighty, this
breed makes a handsome addition to almost every family. 

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