Why I Love My Boxer

Submit your Boxer’s photo for the chance to appear in a Popular Dogs magazine about the breed!

BoxerThe Popular Dogs Series is looking for high-resolution digital photos of pet Boxers for a magazine dedicated solely to the breed. Selected photos will appear in the section "Why I Love My Boxer."

If you have in-focus, high-resolution (300 DPI or higher, or 3-inch by 5-inch) photos of your Boxer, then we'd like to see them! We prefer color photos of just the dog (no people, please!), either full body or just a cute face!

The deadline to submit is March 1, 2010. Please e-mail your photos to dcwebeditor@bowtieinc.com

In the e-mail, please include your full name (first and last), your dog's name, and the city and state in which you live. If your dog is chosen, you will be contacted via e-mail in March. You'll receive a copy of the magazine, which is scheduled to be in stores May 25, 2010.

The Popular Dogs Series is a sister publication of Dog Fancy,


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DaiseyLexus   Louisville, KY

5/15/2013 5:42:37 PM

I love my boxers they are my kids my four legged kids. My oldest she is my baby girl she is my basketball girl she loves anything that bounces like a ball. I also have many nicknames for her and my favorite is "Hurricane Daisey" the reason behind that name is ever since she was about 4-5 months she would run around in the house like a hurricane just came through and how she does it is beyond me when she is in her "Hurricane Daisey" mode how she doesn't bump into anything or knock something off the TV and when she is in her "Hurricane Daisey" mode she will have her lil butt on the floor when she running around how she doesn't rub her lil nub on the carpet I will never know. Daisey loves having a playmate who is also a boxer her lil. sister Lexus who is as wild as
I love my boxer babies they are the love of my life and mine are as rotten as they comes. They are the most loyal companions if you have a horrible day at work or just got up on the wrong side of the bed they know how to work you and make your day a happy day.

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Penny   Clarksville, TN

3/31/2012 7:39:15 PM

I love my boxer because she is super intuitive, smart, and funny. She is so doggone cute, I can barely stand to get on to her when she does something she knows she isn't suppose to. She protects me and loves me more than words can express, as only a Boxer can do!

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Maria   South St Paul, MN

2/27/2010 8:06:19 PM

I love my Boxer because she is always keeping the entertainment rolling! There is NEVER a dull moment when she is near!

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Andy   Richmond, VA

2/24/2010 7:20:40 PM

I love my boxer because of how much she loves me. I went through a very painful experience when I tragically lost my love a few years ago and acquired my pup to help me cope. Through the years, she has always been there for me to make me laugh, to force me to get out, and to teach me that I could love another. Having her has actually brought my girlfriend and I closer together. Thank you Domino.

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